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Floriental = Flower + Oriental

Flowers and tea make a good combo.

At Floriental Studio, we provide a wide range of creative floral art and oriental tea workshop events for individuals who want to escape the busy city life for one day. We encourage people to connect through art creation and find inner peace. 

Floriental Studio also arranges team-building away day activities for companies, groups, and organisations. There is a big diversity of our events, so you can choose one (or many) that suits your team the best!

Our studio flower decoration and workshop environment.
Our tea room settings and environment.

Authentic Oriental Tea Ritual Experience

Kung-fu tea, the tea art performance, is a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. It is a complicated tea-making process and represents Chinese culture and etiquette. 

In our Kung-fu tea workshops, you will be led by a professional tea sommelier into an immersive unique experience. 

We also host fun tea-tasting activities where you can taste 4-7 different high-quality teas in one session. It is a great opportunity to taste, enjoy, and make friends!

Stove-baking tea set in a private room is also available, perfect for a group of friends to hang out!

Our Floral Arts

We supply cafes and restaurants with seasonal floral decorations. Check our artwork out and select the perfect pieces for your special occasions!

For Tea Lovers

We offer premium Chinese tea leaves along with engaging tea-tasting sessions for an enjoyable experience.

Workshop Gallery

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We provide monthly deliveries of beautiful dried flower bouquets, each uniquely crafted with seasonal materials.